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Broken Garage Door Springs Las Vegas, NV


Owning a garage door is not the easiest, sometimes issues and problems can spring up from nowhere and dealing with the issues a broken spring causes can be stressful. No matter if your set-up has extension springs or torsion springs, the springs provide your door with smooth operation and functions properly.

Torsion or extension springs are under an extreme amount of tension and are very dangerous to be around. Because of this tension for garage doors with two springs set-up it is recommended to replace both springs. Most standard springs are rated for 10,000 cycles or 10 tears, whichever comes first.

A Word of Caution

Garage door springs are very dangerous and even more so when they are broken, please be aware of that! The extreme amount of tension the springs are under requires proper tools and equipment for this type of repair. This is the reason why you should not think about touching them no matter how “handy” you are around your house. It is always recommended to have a professional to deal with this problem to avoid any serious injuries.

My Garage Door Spring Broke, Now What?

The first and most important thing you should do (or more accurately not do) upon finding out that your garage door springs have gone kaput is NOT TO PANIC. Yes, it’s frustrating dealing with broken springs, but suffice it to say panicking will just make it even more stressful.

The first and most important thing to do when finding out your garage door springs have expired is to take a deep breathe. You do not need to panic, this is a common issue many garage door owners deal with. It is frustrating dealing with broken springs, but it is safe to say that worrying or panicking will just make the situation more stressful. Steps to a Stress Free Solution…….

  • Don’t Try To Force The Door Open Or Close–Doors are heavy (up to 500 pounds) to avoid any injury it is best to leave it be.
  • Don’t Disengage The Opener-The opener’s arm may be the only thing stopping the door from slamming down (if open) frightening fast.
  • Don’t Attempt This Repair Yourself-No matter how many DIY articles and You Tube videos telling otherwise, this project is extremely risky.
  • Do Leave the Opener Engaged –If the door is open the openers’ arm may be the only thing holding the door open. Disengaging the arm could cause the door to come slamming down.
  • Do Call Work-Unless you want to risk an angry boss, you should immediately call your place of employment to tell them you’ll be a bit late considering the circumstances.
  • Do Call Titan Garage Doors-We have experienced technicians that can arrive to your home or business, diagnose the problem, and replace your door’s springs all in the fastest most efficient manner possible 24-hours a day/7-days a week.
  • Do Grab a cup of coffee and relax-Read the paper, leaf through a magazine, or visit your favorite social media channels and relax; Titan Garage Doors in on the way…

Now if your springs look anything like the picture above, then you have a broken garage door spring. Your spring looks nothing like the picture above and your door still will not budge, then there may be a number of other issues causing the problem.

If your door is causing your frustrations, broken springs or not, for peace of mind give us a call. With 24 hour availability, free estimates and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, there is no reason to hesitate


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